We promote the recreation and welfare of the students at the school, and look to support a vibrant and inclusive school community. Funds raised by the P&C are used to support the school, including helping provide facilities and equipment for the school, and providing assistance to various out-of-school hours programs.

Where our funds come from

We receive funds from a variety of sources and events each school year, including:

  • parent donations and the fundraising levy
  • social and fundraising activities such as Trivia Night, Lovelly, Welcome BBQ and the Jazz Picnic
  • community and government grants

Different fundraising initiatives are driven by who has come up with the idea, what requires funding and who is organising the event. Note that programs such as the Band Program and the Canteen are primarily run as a “break even” service to parents, and are not intended to raise funds for the P&C (outside of designated fundraising events, such as the Jazz Picnic).

Did you know?

The P&C is a registered not-for-profit with the ACNC. All of the executive and committee members are unpaid volunteers (in fact no P&C member is permitted to benefit from funds raised by the P&C). All money raised throughout the year ultimately is contributed to the budget of Clovelly Public School.

Our achievements

Over recent years, the CPS P&C has provided funds to the school to contribute to:

  • substantial upgrade of all the playground equipment and outdoor recreation areas
  • installation of roof-top solar power generation across the school buildings
  • uniforms and sunshade marquees for school sporting teams
  • additional in-class resources for teachers and children, including new Benchmark Reading Assessment Resources

In addition, the CPS P&C has taken administrative responsibility for:

  • “Make Arden Street Safe” campaign, lobbying the relevant local and state government bodies alongside the school, which ultimately secured the recent significant sidewalk, crossing and traffic control upgrades at the front and back gates to the school
  • operation of the school band program for years 3 – 6
  • operation of the school canteen, providing healthy recess and lunch time food options for students and staff

2021 fundraising events

CPS Scavenger Hunt

Thank you to all the families who took part in the Scavenger Hunt this year. Thanks to your support, the event raised funds in excess of $2,600! We hope you had a great time completing the challenges and questions.