Our band program is a four-year musical journey that will teach your child to read, play and appreciate music.

No musical experience is necessary.​

The CPS Band Program consists of three core ensembles:

  1. Year 3 Junior or “Training Band”
  2. Year 4 Intermediate Band
  3. Year 5/6 Senior Band

There is also an extension ensemble – the Stage Band that involves gifted students from Years 5 and 6. The Stage Band program places an emphasis on the art of improvisation.

There is well-documented evidence that learning a musical instrument and being part of a band program improves outcomes in literacy and numeracy. The band program provides a great opportunity for your child to experience quality music education.

In addition, social skills are also more advanced in children learning music as being a member of the band provides great friendship, and in later years, mentoring opportunities.

So apart from the sheer joy of playing music, there are so many benefits from learning music that your child will get to experience.​

For detailed information covering performances, rehearsals, tuition, etc., download the CPS Band Handbook below.

Rehearsal schedule

Full band rehearsals are held before school. All students to arrive at 7:15am. Stage band rehearsals are held on Monday morning. All students to arrive at 7:30am.

Further information

2023 Band booklet

Download our band booklet to have all the information you need on hand.


Training Band

There are so many benefits to learning a musical instrument & no better time to start than when you’re a child.


Training Band Registration

Register your child’s interest in joining the training band.


Director & tutors

Our students are taught by our experienced band director and tutors.


Friends of the Band

​The FotB committee manages the school’s band program.



We currently have students playing flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium, baritone, electric bass guitar and percussion.

Instruments can be hired through the Clovelly School Band.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can purchase an instrument for your child.

Families are asked to nominate three instruments in order of preference after our information night, and instruments are allocated according to suitability and availability by the band director in consultation with the tutors.

Yes. We can take new band members midway through the year. Currently we only have vacancies for brass players so all new band applicants will be required to play trumpet or baritone in the first instance.

No. Families are welcome to make their own arrangement for tutors and lessons.

No. The school’s policy is that music tutorials and other band activity cannot take place during class time.

Yes, The CPS P&C Association and most tutors are registered Creative Kids providers. At present this government assistance incentive scheme provides an annual grant of $100 per child. Applications for vouchers can be made via the Service NSW website. If using a Creative Kids voucher to pay band fees, please complete our Friends of the Band – Creative Kids Voucher form first. You can then deduct $100 from the invoiced amount and just pay the balance.

Yes. Our band program supports students who wish to undertake the external Australian Music Examination Board exams. However, there is no obligation to do so. If you would like your child to sit for AMEB exams, please talk to your tutor about preparation and requirements.

Yes. Parents are welcome to attend their child’s before-school rehearsal. Murray and the bands love playing for an audience!

Murray will be at the morning rehearsals from 7:15 am and parents are welcome to come and talk to him then. Please bear in mind that bands start playing at 7:30am sharp.

You can also email Murray.

The bands perform regularly throughout the school year. The main events are the CPS mid-year band concert, the NSW band festival, and the famous end of year Jazz Picnic.

White short-sleeved school shirt with crest
​​Winter tunic with white socks
Green shorts
Grey or White socks
Black shoes​

White long-sleeved school shirt with crest
​Winter tunic with green tights
Green trousers (NOT tracksuit pants)
Grey or white socks
Black shoes

Smartmusic is an online platform used by CPS band program. It is a fantastic way for students to play their music and learn their parts. Students can speed up, slow down and loop the music as well as getting fingering advice before recording their homework and submitting it online for the band director to review. This should take approximately 20-30 minutes per week. Students will also have access to a Google Classroom where they will be able to access sheet music, recordings and other materials.