Getting Started

How do I get started?

We use an app called Flexischools for all ordering, menu updates and notifications. Download this app on your device to get started.

How do I download Flexischools?

Go to the App store on your device, search for Flexischools and download to your device. On your first visit, you will need to register your details via the “Like to Register” button.

Once you have registered, you will be able to login and order via this app.

Is there a cut-off time for orders?

Yes. Lunch and Recess orders must be placed before 8.30am on the day.

Birthday basket orders must be placed four days in advance, as these require additional preparation.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Team Canteen is extremely busy preparing orders from 8.30am every day in time for 11.00am lunch, so our preference is for you to use Flexischools please. Thank you!

Top Tips

What are your top tips for ordering from the Canteen?

  • Let us take care of meals and birthday treats for you; our menu is healthy and fresh and the students love it.
  • Place lunch and recess orders before 8am on the day if possible or, even better, the night before school to avoid lastminute challenges.
  • Remind students that they need to collect Recess orders from the Canteen.
  • Please let students know that if something is amiss with their order, they should tell their teacher (who gives out the lunch orders) as soon as they notice. We can resolve whatever is missing on the day.
  • When ordering, double check the date on your order and that you have fully completed the order process to the point where you receive a confirmation notification.

The two most common challenges with ordering are 1. incorrect dates and 2. not completing the order process in the final steps, especially if there were insufficient funds in the Flexischools account whilst ordering.

Can you please help me if I have forgotten to provide lunch for my child?

Yes, please call the School Reception and let them know that you would like an emergency lunch. We will be able to provide a sandwich, e.g., Vegemite or cheese.


What times are meals at school?

Lunch is at 11.00am and Recess (Afternoon Tea) is at 1.10pm.

On Fridays in Term 1 and 4 lunch and recess times are swapped for all students.

Why is there an 8.30am cut-off for placing orders?

Team Canteen prepares and serves up to 500 fresh lunch orders a day. Since lunch is at 11.00am, we have just over two hours to prepare, pack and distribute lunches to classes.

We need every minute possible to process your orders.

What happens on Fridays in Term 1 and 4?

On Fridays in Term 1 and Term 4 Recess is at 11.00am and Lunch is at 1.10pm for all students. This is to allow us to offer fresh, heated meals when some students return from off-site sporting activities.

Placing your order

How can I see what is available?

Login to Flexischools (see above) and scroll to the “Food” heading. Menu items are organized by meal. Click through the “Order” link to view the menu items available.

Where is the section where I can order food?

  • Click through the “Order” link for the meal that you would like to order.
  • Select items from the various categories.
  • When you’ve finished adding items, select “Confirm Order”
  • Follow the prompts for payment and “Place Order”
  • Ensure that you have received a confirmation notification

How do I pay?

Within Flexischools you can choose to pay per order or to store a balance of funds in your Flexischools account to top up as required.

After selecting your order items and confirming your order Flexischools will step you through these payment options.

Flexischools allows payment via credit card and Paypal.

How do I know if my order was processed?

When you have successfully completed an order, you will receive a pop-up notification within Flexischools confirming “Your order has been placed” AND a confirmation email to your registered email address titled “Order Confirmation”.

If you are unsure if your order was submitted, please check your email, including spam folder, for your confirmation email from Flexischools. You can also check within Flexischools by visiting Profile, Orders, and seeing if you have a Current Order registered.

Why didn’t my order go through?

One of the most common reasons orders are not successfully submitted is that your Flexischools account had insufficient funds for the new order and then the order was not completed.

If you are directed to the “Payment Options” page whilst ordering, you will need to either top up your Flexischools account or pay for the order you are completing.

Once you have arranged for payment, then make sure you select “Place Order” to submit the order, through the final order completion stage.

Can I schedule repeat orders?

Yes. Once you have placed an order that you would like to repeat, visit the Profile page within your Flexischools account and view the Open Order you would like to repeat.

Choose the green arrow next to the order items and select “Make this a weekly order” or “Same Again” to schedule it for more future dates.

Menu Items

How can I see what is available?

Login to Flexischools (see above) and scroll to the “Food” or “Order” heading.

Menu items are organised by meal. Click through to scroll menu items available and to make your selection.

Can I order Crunch and Sip?

No, the Canteen does not cater for Crunch and Sip.

Does the menu change?

Yes, you will notice different items are available on different days of the week, and the menu changes seasonally.

Why are some items not available on some days?

We like to offer students variety and minimise waste, so we offer a varied selection of items during the week to cater to as many tastes and diets as possible.

95% of our menu is homemade or produced locally using fresh ingredients from our on-site commercial kitchen.

Can I order breakfast?

We currently do not offer breakfast. When we’ve offered it in the past, we have had insufficient demand for breakfast orders.

How healthy is the food from the Canteen?

Clovelly Canteen prides itself on providing the children of Clovelly Public School with a healthy menu with 95% of the menu being homemade either in-house or with providers that use fresh produce.

  • We love our sushi supplier Botany Bites with high quality sushi and rice paper rolls delivered fresh.
  • Clovelly Bakery delivers finest fresh bread daily, with ‘Pie Day Friday’ each week where homemade pies and sausage rolls are delivered.
  • Wholegreen Kitchen provides our delicious GF gingerbread and GF rolls.
  • Our homemade cookies and muffins are baked daily by Amy fondly called ‘The Cookie Monster’, they are just too delicious.

How do I buy one of the fabulous Clovelly Canteen cookbooks?

Many of our recipes can be found in the Clovelly Cookbook which is available for purchase for just $10.00 a copy.​ These make a wonderful graduation gift for students about to start missing their Clovelly Canteen food.

To buy a cookbook please visit the Canteen counter, limited numbers available.

Collecting Food

How does my child receive their lunch?

Lunches are collected from the Canteen by a school leader or class representative who takes them to the classroom where the class teacher delivers them to students.

How does my child get their recess/afternoon tea order?

Your child will need to collect their recess from the Canteen. Please remind them of this on days where they have a recess order.

What about icy poles?

Icy Poles ordered on Flexischools are placed in the lunch baskets. Students just need to visit the Canteen to have the top opened.

What if something is missing from a child’s order?

If something is amiss with an order we ask that students first tell their teacher, who gives out the lunch orders each day. If something is missing, we can resolve it on the day. (A week later is not an easy process.)

Counter Sales

What can children buy over the counter?

We sell snacks and smaller menu items, such as milk, gingerbread men, fruit, muffins and breadsticks, over the counter at lunch and recess. Children can use cash or coins to make these purchases.

Are over the counter sales available at both lunch and recess?

Yes, children may purchase snacks over the counter during both breaks.

Can students order full meals over the counter on the day?

We like to minimise waste and prepare according to orders placed, so our preference is for you to continue using Flexischools for lunch and recess orders. Very limited meal options are available over the counter.

Can children use large notes at the Canteen?

No. We often find that children bring money to school without understanding its value and without parent/carer consent.

In the interest of student welfare and as a courtesy to families, should students in K-2 present to the Canteen with money totalling greater than $5.00 we may note their name and class and notify you. Likewise, should Students in Years 3-5 present with more than $10.00.

What if my child wants to buy a lot of sweets over the counter?

We will not sell children more snacks if we think they have had sufficient, especially on treat items which have sugar in them.

Birthday Baskets

When should I place my Birthday Basket order?

Up to four days prior to the required date.

How many serves are in a Birthday Basket?

Thirty; enough for all students, the teacher and some spares.

What time of day does the Basket get delivered?

Recess/afternoon teatime.


What is involved in volunteering?

We ask volunteers to come along for two fast hours, 9am-11am, to help with easy tasks such as making sandwiches, labelling paper bags, and working the dishwasher.

Libby, the Canteen Manager, is there to walk you through tasks, and volunteers find it a fun and rewarding way to Connect and Contribute with the school community. Kids also love seeing their loved ones at school.

How can I volunteer?

You can sign up to volunteer via this link.

We will be in touch with a reminder and final details just prior to your volunteering experience, but if you have any questions, please email

Do I need experience to volunteer?

No, not at all, Team Canteen will be happy to show you the ropes and make sure you are comfortable, regardless of your level of experience in kitchens.

How often do I need to volunteer?

Volunteer as much or as little as you like. We have some wonderful volunteers who join us nearly every week, and some who particularly like to contribute for our events when many hands are required, such as our end of term Sausage Sizzles.

We suggest volunteering once a term to keep your momentum going, assist the Canteen and get the most out of your experience.

Can grandparents, dads and other family members volunteer?

Absolutely. We find grandparents and dads love volunteering and contributing to the school, and all extended family members are welcome.

Have your family member sign up now here.


I have a question about using Flexischools, where can I get help?

Flexischools has a comprehensive FAQs page that you will find useful:

It answers questions such as how to add students to your account, how to top up your account, how to change your Flexischools password, and much more.

I am having trouble using Flexischools, can you help?

Absolutely. If you are having trouble accessing Flexischools, please continue trying as sometimes the app is non-operational whilst updating and comes back online within 10-15 minutes.

You can find answers to questions and troubleshooting tips for using Flexischools here:

You can also call the Canteen via the school office. If you are calling between 8.30am-11am please be aware that we may need to call you back outside of our busy lunchtime preparation period. On Fridays we are unable to take calls prior to 11am due to the large number of lunch orders.