Thank you for volunteering in the canteen. Before you start at the Canteen, please read these guidelines:

  • For OH&S reasons, please wear covered shoes and have a look at the general food handling guide.
  • When you arrive, please sign the attendance book (a school requirement for visitors to the school) so that it is known that you are here at the canteen unless you have already signed in at the office.
  • There are a number of small jobs to do – cut up fruit to be frozen, place fruit into bags for freezing, cut up banana bread, add fish sauce to bags for nori rolls, washing up.
  • All used items are to be washed in hot water and detergent, rinsed in hot water and then allowed to air dry or use a new (daily) tea towel
  • If you wish, put on an apron – available at the canteen or bring your own.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly using the basin by the sink (with the soap provided and with warm water).
  • During your time in the canteen, please wash your hands often, particularly:
    • after handling any meat product or raw food
    • when you start another task
    • before handling cooked foods
    • after using the bathroom/toilet

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T: 02 9665 6710

If you have any queries or suggestions for improvement, please let us know.