Canteen News

Canteen Operations

Please be reminded that orders can only be placed via Flexischools for the time being. However, students are now allowed to purchase at the canteen directly for their lunch and afternoon snacks. To register to place lunch orders go to

We have had a few large notes lately, especially from some Kindy students. We do get a laugh when a child hands over a $50 note, which is immediately taken to the office and the parents/guardians called. Our canteen manager feels so bad she usually buys them an icy pole to soften the blow. We also monitor how much a child buys, and when we think sufficient items have been purchased, we don’t let them buy any more.

Calendar Change

We are not doing the ‘Queen’s Birthday’ cupcake this year, we will hold a special treat for the students for NAIDOC Week instead, which is happening next term.

Long Weekend Celebration

The Canteen will be selling over the counter Jelly Cups for $2.00 on Thursday June 10. Don’t forget to give your child $2 for this fun treat.

Band Concerts

Team Canteen will be providing a light supper prior to the Band concerts in June. Chef Amy Ryan will be cooking some beautiful meals and treats. If your child is performing we will be sending home an order form for them to have dinner at school prior to the concerts.