Three tips for ordering from the canteen

We’ve been busy since school opened again! Due to ongoing restrictions and our COVID-19 safety plan, we’re not running the canteen as we usually do. This means no over-the-counter sales and a limited menu.

So we’ve got a few tips to help you and your children when ordering from us:

  1. Order on Flexischools before 8:30am.
  2. Tell your children whether you’ve ordered recess, lunch or both. There has been a lot of confusion, resulting in teachers being phoned to find out who’s missing what.
  3. If you do call us for an emergency order, please send the payment the next day with your child in a labelled, sealed envelope. Your child needs to give this to their teacher.

Thanks so much for your help in making sure the Canteen keeps running smoothly and your children receive your orders!